August 11th!!!

I8mm accctttuuuaallyy going to take a break from blogging until I get my computer back’n!!! This is way too much of a hastle, so I may may may blog on my Dad’s laptop when I get home, but eh~ I’m sorry~! Till then people!!


April 10th~!

Well, today was a sad day for Me.Laptop, & a wonderful-ish day for me!! I got things done, I had some fun, & when I got home, I foundLNG little muffin on the bed waiting for me~ But here was my day, I woke up around 8-ish, Dad told me he was going to be home around 12, I said OK & went back to bed, then I woke up as he got home, I got dressed & went with him to Sears, I got the things that I needed & we got home at like 2, I changed back into my PJ’s & took a 2 hour nap, then I got up again 4-ish, I looked up tutorials for 50’s hair, I found one & I developed a variation of it, I did it & then I was getting kind of dressed & I went into Dad’s room to show him how the scarf looked, he showed me how it was Supposed to look & I ended up wearing a totally different outfit, Imll post the pictures when I can, I’m on my phone, so I got dressed, we left & got in Tony’s car, then we went in a parade & eventually I was super hungry & we went to McDonnald’s, then it was super hot & boring, but we went to a car show & then home~ It was rather nice~ But when I got home, I was going to turn on my laptop & do my blog post for the evening, right? Well, that is Not how things went down!! I tried to turn on my laptop & it said fan error!! It’d done this before & I called Jeanie’s dad, hesaid to just blow into the fan, I tried & it Stoll wouldn’t work, so tomorrow I’m going over there to get Mr.Laptop fixed, & that was my evening~ I’m super tired & WordPress is being all glitchy, so night people~!!

April 9th!!!

Oh my GOSH, I had a buttload of drama go down last night, I lost a friend & almost lost another. I Really need to do some laundry, take a shower & go shopping, sounds boring? It shall be. But anyways!! Back to the day that I’ve been having, I woke up early, 2-ish because I thought my dad was going to take me to Sears, but he took a nap on his chair & before I had a chance to ask him, it was 4 o’ clock~ & he was all, nooo! Bluh, what a butthead!! But tomorrow, I’m going to go shopping for a 50-60’s ish outfit, because it’s Hot August Nights, & I need a costume, and some other stuff, so Dad’s probably going to take me to get some~ Checkers is spazzing out right now~ I:< But, my day was spent designing bows & calculating profit, how much it takes to make stuff & such things~ It was pretty average~
& here’s Checkers, he was attacking the white spots on my wall~ xD

April 8th!!

Mm, so, today I woke up at 5, finally my early-late-ish bedtime is catching up to me~ I had no texts, but an alert from Etsy that something had shipped, then I started up my laptop, I Tumbl’d for a bit, then I realized that dad had his “Band” over, which consists of Tony, Dad’s old friend, uncle Mark, & him. They sound a bit like dying cats, & our walls are Super thin, so it’s terrible!!  But dad always gets tacos & Tony brings over sodas for everyone. That would be super nice, but he always brings diet colas~ Recently it’s been caffeine free Coke, but before that it was diet Pepsi, I miss the Pepsi. The coke is HORRIBLE for my teeth.  But that’s what I drank. Then I got Tumblr Blacklist, I added all the things I hated & now I’m finding new reasons to be on the internet. I saw little amounts of Checkers, he sat on my chest this morning while I Tumbl’d, but otherwise, I haven’t seen a lot of him. I cooked myself some more of my favorite steak this evening,  I’m going shopping at Sears most likely, tomorrow. Dad made me do all the dishes & delete some of my favorite shows, because he decided to record all of the Olympics, bluh. Then I spent basically since I woke up talking to Ramiro~ I let a lot of flies in the house & made tea with too much honey~ YES!! One of my favorite songs just came on Pandora. So, I was just watching a news show, and uncle Mark got home, he was all, “Is it okay if I turn the Olympics on?” & I was all Yeah, but I was watching somethinggggg!!! Ahh, oh well~ I’m  being a bit too hard on him, I don’t really trust people except Ramiro, Leigha & my Dad~ And Some of my friends~ But I’m probably going to get a lot of things tomorrow!!                                                                                          And that was my day in a nutshell~!!!!
& here’s my picture of Checkers for today~

He was biting my finger~

This Is Awesome

SO, I was just looking through my dashboard on Tumblr & I found this, I felt the intense need to share it, (Well, I actually just wanted to remember to do  this & I had this tab open) so here~!

“I like this idea. Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Good way to keep things in perspective”

Food Pictures That I’ve Taken

I just realized how much food I make & slice & bluh bluh, I shall give captions & such things, prepare yourself for semi-terrible quality, but let us proceed!!
Firstly, last night, I made myself some toast, & I make my toast by melting butter in a pan, soaking bread in it & then when I’m frying it, I put dill on top of it!!
I used a meme to make Cheddar Bay Biscuits, they turned out AWESOME!!!!!!
Then I made some Strawberry shortcake, I make a Lot of it, because it’s summer & my dad always says I make it some special way? It’s just sugarwater that I use though!
I was hungry for a salad & the leaves held their place perfectly, so I decided why not~?! I just ripped up some lettuce & put it inside with some Italian salad dressing~!
And this, THIS my dear readers, is my favorite soup on earth~ I just made it up one day, out of sheer hunger & available things~ It’s just a sliced & quartered potato, enough chicken stock to cover them in a sauce pan, chopped garlic, dill & a lot of dill, bring it to a boil, cover it, heat it on low for 10 minutes & voila~! Food~!!!!! I make a lot of this, so there’s more pictures of it~ I still haven’t come up with a name for it~
This is my favorite steak on earth~!!!!!!!!! It’s cubed steak, a LOAD of soy sauce, & some chopped garlic, with dill~ Coat the meat with it & dump it all into a pan, cook it in there until the soy sauce reduces to a sauce, & the meat looks pretty cooked, I like mine well done, so that’s how it’s always turned out for me~ & put the steak cubes on a plate, pour the leftover soy sauce in a little cup & eat it~ BU
& this is a peacock melon!! I had no idea what it was & I was all, Dad dad!! Can we get one?! He said no at first, but he saw it was a buck, & he agreed~ It tastes like a cross between victory & cantaloupe~
& THIS is my favorite pie in the entire universe. It’s a Dutch Apple pie, I didn’t make it, I just baked it~ But oh my GOD I could live on it~
I just did this because we had extra whipped cream & Popsicles, if I have extra whipped cream, it goes in everything, which is why I barely ever have any~ xD
This is basically angel food cake with layers of strawberries & coated in whipped cream, then…. Well, you’ll see~!
This is another pot of the fantastic potato soup~!
I was with Hailey for the weekend, & she made the most culinary advanced thing I’ve seen in my life out of a Lunchable, you can clearly see the detailed facial structure  of the happy face she made~ She is a true artist~
& this, is my scrambeld eggs…. I hate scrambled eggs, so I make them this way!! It’s the whites of an egg, a tiny amount of carrots & a tiny amount of thinly sliced celery, with a butt load of soy sauce!! Cook it until it’s super dry~ It sounds gross, but it’s actually really good(To me)
This is my dad’s spaghetti, I think he melted some cheese in it? He always adds weird stuff to it, it’s not always the best, but this was pretty good!
This is just what happens when I get angry at boxes~
And this is the original soy-sauce-steak~ It was my 4th of July celebration~!
This was some Hamburger Helper stroganoff I made, it looks terrible, because of the lighting, but it tasted awesome~
We had leftover whipped cream & strawberries, you can assume the rest~ I just mixed a Load of whipped cream into some strawberries & sugar~ Later on, I froze it & it turned into the best strawberry ice cream, this was my savior for the last few episodes of Doctor Who~
This is a lime popsicle with honey on it, it was good until the popsicle began melting & the honey started sliding away!!
Some honeydew I was slicing up~
Fajitas I made~
Doughnuts that I made my dad for Father’s day, & for my own enjoyment, I used a mixture of powdered sugar, cinnamon, & regular sugar on them as soon as they came out of the pan!!
Chocolate chip cookies I made without the chocolate chips(Half because we didn’t have any, half because I just wanted the dough)~!
A bunch of whipped cream with a strawberry in the middle & cocoa powder sprinkled on top~!
One evening, I got some Coffee icecream, & we had whipped cream!!
I literally cried when this happened…..
Then I made a strawberry shortcake-cake-thing~! It’s the strawberries & sugar routine, with a bunch of Cool Whip, because my dad is diabetic, I made half the cake with that & the pink-stuff is the strawberry-sugar water has it too~ I was super proud of myself for this cake~ BU
This is the steps kind-of, of the first cake like this, I made~
& this is asparagus with hollandaise that I made a long while ago~!
That took FOREVER!!! But now you know some of the things I’ve cooked!!!

April 6th!

I woke up around 1 today, then I immediately went into the kitchen, bidding a good morning to my uncle, who was doing laundry in the room next to the kitchen, & poured myself a cup of coffee with milk (Lots of milk, like 65% milk) & sugar. It was Awesome & I drank it on the lazy boy, I spent most of my day on it actually. But after I finished my coffee, Dad came on & told me to put the Olympics on!! So I did & I went into my room, I turned on some Annie, I heard of her from Michelle Phan & this was the song that popped into my head this morning 
Then I proceeded to spend the majority of my day on Etsy, assembling this:
Well, actually, all of the lists on there. I’m going to try really hard to get a small amount of those things, make, well, decorate, all types of things & sell them on Etsy, thus I shall be having fun and getting money!! Perfect, you say? Not quite… I still haven’t calculated how much I need to get started, but I shall, right now actually~ WHOA THIS IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE-MAYBE. Thank you, blog, for helping me realize that I can get stuff done~ BU I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on what happens!!!! Back to my day, I came out into the living room, I sat at my desk, I laid on my stomach, on my back, I went through a lot of different internetting positions today~ I had a lot of fun actually~ Next time I go to the store, I’ll be sure to get a $$ card, I need to tell my dad about it too, I’m super excited & optimistic!!! But yeah, I also need to get some of Aussie’s Deep Conditioner, that stuff is AWESOME, I actually used to use it daily, that wasn’t very good~ But I want some for the weekly sessions of pampering I sometimes indulge myself in. But, dad left at 6 to go to some open Mic. thingy, so I’m home alone & I have to make my own dinner, I ate some Cheerio’s right after he left, & I have this sitting by my side right now

And, I finally took advantage of the fact that Dad had his scanner up, here’s some highlights of what I scanned:
My 8th grade school photo, we had uniforms, but this was a free dress day, I was upset that I had to take the picture with Chantaaaaallllll, I say her name like that because she doesn’t like it, we share the same birthday, & it seems like every time I try to be nice to her, she’s a total bitch, I had 6th-8th grade with her, ugh!! She’s the person to my left. Leigha is the girl to my right, oh my God, she’s one of my Best friends, I tell her practically everything, we’ve been through a lot together, & we’re still friends even though she goes to a totally different school & we like, never see eachother any more (AND I hate her boyfriend, he Sucks).

This is me & my mom, in our old house in California. My mom passed away when I was 11, but I’m kinda-ish over it now. Every time I hear Hey There Delilah, it makes me cry because it reminds me so much of her, but I’m getting better.

Me & my big sister, Brionne. She’s currently in drug court, but, you know, whatevs. She’d just come back from being a flight attendant on the East coast when this picture was taken, I believe it was at a pizza joint that I almost choked on some of their candy when I was little.

Our first picture strip from the mall. I’d cut my hair like that because I though it looked awesome!! God, that’s so horrible looking….. WHYYYYYYYYYY?! But, to emphasize how long my hair’s gotten, those bangs are now down to my chest, this picture was in like… The summer after 6th grade~ We bumped the machine  because we didn’t think it was printing… We ended up unplugging it~ xD
Then I printed some things, & I made a box & a ruler(Of which I needed pretty badly)

They’re both from my favorite blog, here’s some links!!
The Box The Ruler
I sat & watched some TV, & knitted in between internetting, here’s my progress on a blanket I’m making for Checkers

So, I took a picture of him for you guys~!

But right after I did, he sat on my laptop & I just had to take another picture!

Then a few minutes later~ – w –

Then I printed a calendar & re-organized my desk!!

That was my day in a nutshell everyone!! I’m off to do some more research & data-collecting!! 

My Favorite Recipe For Cookies Ever

No Bakes

No Bakes Recipe


  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3 cups quick cooking oats
  • 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  1. Heat cocoa, sugar, milk and butter over medium heat. Boil these verrrrry slowly (they will turn out better) when they reach the boiling point boil them for no longer than 90-120 seconds.
  2. Stir together oats, peanut butter and vanilla with a big wooden spoon or Kitchen Aid. Pour the hot mix over the oatmeal mix and drop on wax paper.

April 5th!

Well, today I’ve done quite a few things. I woke up around 11, to my dismay. I’d stayed up till about 5 the previous evening, I was waiting for Ramiro to get on break so we could talk. Ever since he got this job, he works at a factory, I haven’t really been able to talk to him that much anymore. It’s sort-of depressing, but I know we’ll make it! But, back to my day, my dad woke me up with a, “Bailey!!! Wanna go driving?”, I was extremely against this idea, for I wanted a lot more sleep. But eventually, I dragged myself out of bed. I ended up grabbing a shirt that I was going to use for a purse, but I hadn’t cut it up yet, I took a pink skirt with butterflies on it & put on my white shoes with short heels. Oh God the first time I wore those shoes, I ended up with blisters, playing Monopoly on my Kindle in the middle of a mall, waiting for my big sister, Krissy, to come back with band-aids & a pair of flip-flops. It took me months to get them not to hurt. I figured, since I wore them a lot, I’d have to learn how to drive in them. So, I waited for my dad and eventually we got into our beat up, white 4×4 Ford. We drove down to the tiny airport that they hold the Air Races in every year, I kept my earbuds plugged in the entire time, I listened to Pandora, I was thinking about deleting my music, because I never really listen to it anymore, but I’m too lazy to do so. Then, we were there, I got out & Sandy jumped out with me, it took every fiber in my body not to yank that dog back into the truck, but I was nice & I just helped him into the truck. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m really a cat person. But I drove U-turns, then I went onto the streets for a bit, I’m really happy that I’m getting better at this. The reason why I Really want to drive is so that I can visit my friends that live far away, so I can go to anime cons without my dad nagging me that he “didn’t have anything else to do”. Freedom, essentially. But, I got out & we traded places, I tried to put some music on the radio and he changed it to a ballgame, so I put my earbuds back in. Then we drove to Railey’s to get some “Cold fried chicken and macaroni salad or something”. We went in and he blew up at me over saying that he didn’t have to get a bag for the melon he was going to get. Then we ended up leaving because they didn’t have any. I was relieved as I left, seeing the cashier I HATE. Ugh, all the time he’s obnoxious, he tries to be funny, but he makes me want to reach out and slap him!! But whatevs, we ended up going to KFC, I forgot there was another location, and I WANTED popcorn chicken, but they took it off the menu!!! Can you believe that?! But I got something else & it was delicious. Then we stopped by Scholari’s and I had to wait in the car to make sure that Sandy didn’t eat the chicken. Then we got home, I found Checkers(My kitten) under my nightstand, I cuddled him & I got on the internet, I don’t remember a lot after that. I got on Etsy, Tumblr, the usual. Then I made a blog, uncle Mark got home from his weekend with friends & I showed him Checkers. He held him for a little longer than I’d like, I’m kinda selfish when it comes to my kitties. Oh!! I actually just got Checkers on Friday! He’s kind-of wild, but SO cute!!! But, I realized I really need to get a sewing machine & to learn how to use it. I’ve really been meaning to get an application from Barnes & Noble, that’s like, my dream job for highschool. I don’t read a lot these days, but I Love books. So, I’ll ask dad maybe tomorrow about that.. But that’s my day!! I’ll probably be up a lot later, so not-quite goodnight!
OH OH OH OH!!! Here’s some pictures:

Checkers Mako Excalibur, with the start of a scarf I knitted a while ago.

Me, with Jeanie’s (Jeanie is one of my closest friends) cat, Dash.
And, that’s pretty much it for now~!!